Keeping Your IT Network And Computers Safe

For those small and medium sized businesses that have a growing IT department, keeping on top of security is one of the key elements in maintaining company safety.  With more and more personal data changing hands it is of utmost importance to ensure that you’re meeting vital protocol and remaining compliant with any security regulations in your industry.  The cost of data breaches grows exponentially should any victims that had data stolen desire to file a lawsuit or take other compensatory action.

This is where outsourcing your IT security to a professional company can be worth the cost.  You can free up your in-house IT staff while ensuring that your security remains top of the line.

Picking an IT company to do your security can be a bit of a daunting task, but with a few simple tips you can cut down your search by weeding out the companies that don’t deserve your time or business.

Think Local

Local IT companies are the best choice for this.  Picking large, nationwide companies can often leave you feeling like you’re just a number in the system, not a personal client.  This is where local companies shine: by giving you personalized attention and being close at hand if an emergency happens.

I live in the San Diego area, so for example I would be looking at local IT companies.  I would not expand my search to Los Angeles, that would be too far.  Don’t go more than an hour away from your business location.  For IT Support San Diego has one of the best companies in the business: AMA Networks.  With over 20 years in the business, AMA has seen everything and is meticulous about creating strong security for all of the IT networks that they maintain and work with.

For example, AMA Networks strives to deliver a personalized experience to all of their clients and ensure that they are face to face, honest, and forthright with letting clients know what upgrades might benefit them and which are unnecessary and might just be “upsells” to another company.

Think Medium Size

When choosing an IT company for your security, ensure that the company you choose isn’t too small to be overwhelmed by the potential for multiple emergencies happening at the same time to clients.   Make sure they have enough employees that they can assist multiple clients at once.  However, don’t go with a huge company where again you won’t get personalized service and you’ll get a more “cookie cutter” approach to you IT network.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly, trust your gut.  You should definitely try to meet the IT company you want to hire in person to get a feel for how they are.  Visit their office and assess company morale and how organized they are.  This can tell you a lot about a company.  Get word of mouth recommendations from other companies in your industry, and ask honest questions about how the IT company has responded to them in an emergency or computer security situation.

Ask these questions of the IT companies themselves: any company worth their salt should be excited to answer challenging questions such as these.  If a company is not proud of how they work or respond to companies experiencing after-hours emergencies, then they might not be the company for you.

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